Church of Skeitan: Seitan Steak Bowls

(Seitan Steak Fajita Bowls) Prep time: 1 hour (rice and seitan can be prepared simultaneously). As I mentioned briefly in my Halloween recipe, skateboarding has never been entirely separated from satanic lore, whether it’s in jest or symptomatic of legitimate worship (take, for instance, this recipe’s namesake: Santa Barbara’s most infamous skate shop and producer […]

PJ Ladle’s Wonderful, Horrible Lentils

(Boston Baked Lentils) PJ Ladd just released his first full video part since Really Sorry (2003).  This is not a drill.  The part, one of three full-length parts in New Balance Numeric’s newest video, TriColor, premiered today, after a month-long delay from the original premiere date of July 17, 2017.  For those of you that have been […]