Trick Tip: Focusing Tofu

(How to Drain and Press Tofu) In addition to my recipes, I’ll be periodically presenting some kitchen-savvy “trick tips.” Just like any pre-teen with an iPhone can show you how to do a kickflip (the key is to land bolts and then roll away), I will be throwing my hat in the ring to wax […]

“Pretty Sweet” Potato Burgers

(Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burgers) Prep time: 30 minutes; Bake time: 45-50 minutes. There are certain milestones in skateboarding that almost every skateboarder remembers in perfect detail: the first board you ever had, landing your first kickflip, your first non-Payless pair of skate shoes. You get the idea. Among those common mile-markers firmly embedded […]


Thai Style Tofu Curry I’m dating myself here, but it’s still weird for me to imagine Dill and AVE riding for any company other than Alien Workshop and Gino riding for any company other than Chocolate.  I know their transition to Fucking Awesome! is no longer breaking news, but I still instinctively link them to their […]