Josh Hominy Tortilla Soup

(Spicy Hominy and Black Bean Tortilla Soup) If there’s one marketing tactic skateboarding has perfected, it’s the “anti-marketing” advertisement.  Perhaps no other artists or athletes enjoy self-deprecating humor more than the folks who willingly throw themselves down stairs and rails for the sheer joy of it.  While many companies have poked fun at themselves (early […]

Tim Tim-Inspired Sugar-Free Cookies and Turmeric Lattes

The words “switch god” are thrown around a lot these days.  That’s not to say that everybody awarded with that hashtag doesn’t deserve it, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest that Chad Tim Tim may predate the vast majority of our ambidextrous idols.  From the dying embers of New Deal to the criminally […]

Chard Muska / MuskaBeetz Salad

(Twice-Roasted Beet Salad with Chard and Homemade Vegan Goat Cheese) Though skateboarding is no stranger to nicknames (Lizard King, Spanish Mike, Nugget, etc.), few skaters, if any, have enjoyed the highest honor of having “the” placed before their name.  That’s not to say having the nickname “The Boss” is not an immense and well-deserved honor, […]

Caswell (Blue)Berry Smoothie

(Blueberry, Mango, Almond Butter and Turmeric Smoothie) Given that the last two recipes I’ve posted have involved a little more work (granted, with a delicious payoff), this week’s recipe is a breeze that’s easy to throw together for a quick pre- or post-sesh treat. I don’t think I’m pushing the envelope by positing that Caswell […]

The Decade Cake (Lemon, Olive Oil and Rosemary Naked Cake)

(Lemon, Olive oil and rosemary naked cake for the Berrics’ 10th anniversary, modified from Dora’s Daily Dish) As you’re probably aware, this week marks the Berrics’ tenth year of providing top-notch skateboarding on the small screen.  If ten years doesn’t sound like a long time, try to imagine what tricks you were learning a decade […]

Lone Star Skateboarding: Texas Caviar Wraps

(Texas Caviar Lettuce Wraps) There was a time when it was nigh impossible to have a career in skateboarding if one lived outside of California; before game-changers like Zoo York’s E.S.T. and F.O.R.E. and Friends (still one of my absolute favorite skate videos), skateboarding on any other coast was more of a novelty—a “special issue,” […]

#ThankYouSkateboarding Pie Cups

(Dairy-free Strawberry, Pumpkin and Pecan Pie Ice Cream Pie Cups) Thanksgiving is upon us.  The whole month of November we’re told by social media (1) not to shave, apparently; and (2) to reflect on what we’re thankful for.  Unsurprisingly, many of us are thankful for skateboarding.  A quick search on Instagram of #ThankYouSkateboarding yields almost […]