The Decade Cake (Lemon, Olive Oil and Rosemary Naked Cake)

(Lemon, Olive oil and rosemary naked cake for the Berrics’ 10th anniversary, modified from Dora’s Daily Dish) As you’re probably aware, this week marks the Berrics’ tenth year of providing top-notch skateboarding on the small screen.  If ten years doesn’t sound like a long time, try to imagine what tricks you were learning a decade […]

Tofu Chili Dogs and Watermelon “Feta” Salad

Fourth of July Feast: Tofu Chili Dogs and Watermelon “Feta” Salad It’s no secret that skateboarding is aggressively counterculture and increasingly global. We all start skateboarding for our own reasons, but in the thousands of people I’ve talked to and interviews I’ve read over the last seventeen years, the common trend is that skateboarding speaks […]